2021 the Rebirth of Osiris’

participatory community led Art Installation in the Permanent Exhibition Berlin Global at Humboldt Forum.

Unfnished revolutions

How is one to stay still when fames are licking at his clothes? – Ibn Arabi
During the uprising in Egypt in 2012 Hanaa El Degham painted protest murals on the busy streets of Cairo – in constant communication with those around her.
She also collaborated with many activists to create the two-part painting in this room.
It shows people dancing, fying and feeing as part of the revolution, a recurring cycle.
Osiris, the god of rebirth, observes from above.
El Degham’s work addresses multiple questions:
What do revolutions mean to individual people?
How are they expressed in bodies and movement?
What leads to such uprisings – and do they always remain unfnished?
Hanaa El Degham, Rebirth of Osiris, 2020, oil/egg tempera/drawing and collage on canvas